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Botanaqua Au Natural Make-up Remover with Rose & Rose Geranium 60ml
Aromatherapy Bath & Massage Oils, Botanaqua
R 65

Botanaqua makeup remover's natural moisturising properties and delicate cleansing benefits provide effective removal of makeup/grime/dirt quickly and easily. No tugging or pressure wiping.
It helps dissolve even the longest lasting waterproof products and leaves the eye area and face feeling fresh and clean.

INGREDIENTS : Purified spring water, Cocos nucifera, 
Manihot esculenta, Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate, 
Solanum tuberosum, Zeolite, Pelargonium and Rosa damascena. 

Dab cotton wool or wash face to remove make-up.
Repeat if necessary.
Wipe face after with moist cloth or rinse with water.
Apply preferred moisturiser after cleansing if needed.


Made in Montagu, South Africa

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